Lincoln Property Consultants

Our strength is in our specialist knowledge to identify, plan and manage complex projects in the infrastructure and building sectors.

Lincoln Property Consultants (LPC) is a team of qualified and experienced professionals providing Project Advisory, Management and Technical services to property owners and developers throughout New Zealand.

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    The catalyst for success. It all starts here!

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    The road map to achieving an idea. How are we going to get there?

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    The action plan. What will we do to achieve success?

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    Execution of the action plan. Expert product delivery.

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    The natural succession of a good idea, detailed strategy, thoughtful planning and expert implementation. The end product.

Core Values

Our set of core business values form the backbone of everything we undertake at Lincoln Property and create a synergistic ideal that has resulted in a more focused and robust business.

These principles are more than a set of written “rules”, they are a genuine part of our everyday culture – and we have seen successful results because of them.

The Lincoln values are based on:

1. Maintaining relationships based upon respect and integrity.

2. Ensuring everything we do meets environmental and community standards.

3. Achieving enduring business results that significantly exceed industry norms.